EDS Organization!

EDS has its capital since 1972 in Munich- Germany under the leadership of Dr. Afaf Mourad.
The EDS is organised like the European community ( EU ) of 15 member -countries ( Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, UK, Greece).
So EDS searching for representator of EDS/Spain, EDS/Belgium, EDS/UK..... was successful as you see in the further down
- but we are still on our searching!!

The EDS / Germany and the E uropean D ruze S ociety is under the main team members Alexandra Mourad, Caroline Mourad, Nader Graizi in Munich - Germany.


The representation in North- Germany ( Westfalen) has the EDS member Naji Hbiesh

The EDS / France representation is under the EDS member Rajeh Zahreddine in Paris.

The EDS / Sweden representation is under Mr. Samy Saffady in Karlstadt.

The EDS / Switzerland representation is down under Mr. Samy Dbeissi in Geneve.

The EDS / Portugal representation is with Mr. Reda Mansour

So if you think to get as a EDS team member a representation of your country in Europe, we will ask you for
signing up then in our EDS club membership list, that we will sent you when you are interested!!
The EDS representators are working all for the EDS ideas and fraternity as a big family and have to inform us
every three months about their work in bringing all druze of their country together and new ideas for realising!
EDS comes together next Ied Al Adha 2002! With all the EDS members of the representative countries in Europe!! There the financial problem of gifts of the EDS members will be discussed well. But if there is any interest
to present a gift for EDS there is our conto number : Alexandra Mourad / EDS gifts Commerzbank:
BLZ:700 400 41 conto number: 33 06 22 2

The EDS gifts will be for the EDS ideas that we will discuss all together in the next meeting
and of course for EDS members in trouble or emergency.

We plan to put then all the information's of every representative EDS country as a chapter in the EDS-homepage as for example EDS/France....- that when any European druze is surching for a druze community
in the net - he would see all European communities together as EDS-hompage in the net!!!
Please contact for that our hompage makers Nader Ghraizi for creating or helping us!
The Homepage is in renewing position at the site:

God Bless You
Your EDS team

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