The Druze who's met each other was mainly out of Germany.

The first meeting was in November 1999 and there we was 40 persons, sm
all family-but for the beginning very much!
There we've organized a big program only with reports about our rel
igion and the Druze all over the world.

The conclusion was a big discussion where everyone has taken for himself the best with home. (Program from 27/28.11.1999) Then there was from the EDS team a big start of searching for
all Druze in Europe with
the help of our new thirty brothers and sisters in Germany and other countries. Now we are a big community of more than one hundred Druze! Of course we're still on our search and our homepage is a big help for our ideas!

We would like to tell you that ouer big EDS convention 2001 was a succesful light in this year!
There we've tripeled our members and we had a conclusion to make our EDS representations bigger than before!



EDS has many ideas for realization:

One if these is that we need to make our capital seat bigger- so that all druze ould come together. So we need a big druze house in Munich-Germany as our capital!
The next big aim is to create with all european druze a magazine: Where you all are invited to send us ideas or articles for publishing

We need for that a sponsering or a good offer of a publishing frirm.
Be a part of our big Family - in helping us to realize our ideas! we are nothing without you all!!

So please send us your ideas and addresses
of family members or friends
living in Europe!!

For opinions & comments, contact EDS
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