Hello brothers and sisters in tawhiid!

We want to introduce ourselves so that you know to whom you can talk when you have problems
or in case you want to give us some new ideas!!

Hope to hear from you! I'm Alexandra Mourad, my sister Caroline, my Brother Daniel and our cousin Nader Graizi.
we have renewed the idea of our mum Dr. Afaf Mourad from 1972 the


We founded a small group of young druze students here in Munich-Germany who are helping us in our new EDS, which weve renewed in the year 1999! Im studying biology, my sister studies informatik (computer science) and Nader is working as graphic designer and he is responsible for our homepage & Webdesign - Isnt it great?

Were all from Aley / Btater -Lebanon, and me and my sister visit Lebanon every summer holidays for the last 7 years because we were born in munich!

We are interested in the Lebanese culture and more and more about our worth and unique religion!!!
So we asked our druze sheichs about our secret religion. It was so difficult to get answers on our questions - so it was great for our research that we have met sheich Dr. Salman Al Masri and his wife Scheicha Fadau- who gave us trust and answers as weve found answers in the old greek philosophy with pythagoras, protagoras, Sokrates, platon and Aristotles!!!

So we have the Identity now from these sentences in old greek and then in arabic in the words of our sheich in qualwat-Lebanon. It was a very interesting study! In the name of Sheich Dr. Al Masri and the name of our father, who is our Sheich Al Aakl in EUROPE, Professor Dr. Selim Mourad we've come together as EDS the first time after 20 years in November 1998 in Bavaria.

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