European druze society ( EDS )

Dear brothers and sisters in Tawhiid!


I n v i t a t i o n

Eid Al-Adha Meeting 2005
On Friday, 25. February 2005
19.30 p.m

The European Druze Society e.V. is glad to organize for all the Druze especially in Europe, the Ied-Al-Adhha Membership Meeting and Celebration. Of course we can help you in your travel-organisation! When you tell us how many persons you are and how we can help.

Here is a model of our program:
19:30 Levantine Dinner with friends, music, oriental dancing

We need an 100% european promise immediatly: 0160 / 726 09 19 or 0170 / 286 04 00,

The place of our big family convention will be reserved for the EDS in:
DONIA Restaurant Fritz-Meyer-Weg 55 ( Pharao Building) in 81925 Munich (Bogenhausen)

Hope to see you all!!
We are looking forward to organize this special day for you and we need your
honest co-operation in the name of the Young EDS-Generation.

You can call one of the following numbers, if you need help: 0174 / 422 86 48

God bless you
EDS Team