European druze society( EDS )

Dear brothers and sisters in Tawhiid!


I n v i t a t i o n

Ied-Al-adhha Convention 2002
At Saturday, 23 February 2002
15.00 o'clock

The European Druze Society e.V. is glad to organize for all the Druze especially in Europe,
the Ied-Al-Adhha Membership Meeting and Celebration.
Of course we can help you in your travel-organisation!
When you tell us how many persons you are and how we can help (hotels)!

Program with details will recieve you at the meeting.

Here is a model of our planed program:

All active members are wellcome to take part at the whole program.
All members and friends are wellcome to take part at the dinner celebration
in the evening at 19.30 o'clock.

We need a100% european promise untill the 20. January 2002.

The place of our big family convention will be reserved for the EDS especially in a private hall:

The Lounge of the Hubertus Club in Munich ( Poseidon Restaurant )
(Forstenriederallee 327 in Munich with special parking)
(see the street-plan)

Hope to see you all!!
We are looking forward to organize this special day for you and we need your honest co-operation in
the name of the Young EDS-Generation.

You can call one of the following numbers, if you need help: 0171/ 633 73 15 - 0173/ 812 18 55 - 089/ 129 22 41

God bless you
EDS Team